All cooked to order with carefully selected ingredients

Raw Appetizers

The Classic Fish Carpaccio: swordfish, tuna, and octopus drizzled with local extravirgin oil.

Sautéed Mussels

Our most famous dish, even though the quantity is sufficient you will order another!

Spaghetti alla Luciana

Spaghetti with baby octopus, tomatoes, parsley ...therefore Luciana style

Tagliolini with Shrimps

Artisan made Tagliolini with a rich shellfish sauce, garlic, and brandy. Exquisite!!!

Seafood Risotto

For those who love seafood we suggest this special Risotto. Worth Trying!

Shrimp Flambé

Shrimp flambé with Brandy, a change of pace from grilled!


We have been in business since 2007 but the building we are in is one of the oldest in the town
  • 1943

    The steamship Bolzaneto

    On June 29,1943 at 10:45am the steamship "Bolzaneto" (owned by the Ilva of Genoa, Company) was torpedoed by the British submarine "Sportsman", this took place between Bonassola and Deiva Marina, while the "Bolzaneto" was sailing from Marina di Carrara to Genoa, transporting a precious cargo of cast iron. The torpedo hit directly in the center of the steamship literally splitting it in two. The ship now rests on the bottom of the sea about 40 - 55 meters deep (coordinates: 44° 10' 269" N - 09° 33' 925" E).

  • 1950

    Bonassola's rivers

    The rivers where covered with asphalt and a modern town was born, like the one we know today. Obviously in time some modifications have been done, but with a lot of hard work we were able to keep intact the nature that dominates the gulf. This is the real attraction, of this breathtaking town: respect for its origins despite the speculation. This is the correct direction!

  • 1960

    Bonassola grows

    In these years the town reached its peak of residents:1608. Living here during the 60's was a great fortune, there was a large community and it was self sufficient. Not everyone was enthusiastic but here mumbling under your breath is normal! The economic boom was felt on a positive note creating the tourism industry, and thanks to this the town prospers.

  • 1970

    La Madonna del Rosario

    In October a feast in honor of the patron saint is held; The Madonna of the Rosary. She is carried throughout the town with a procession of believers following behind her and this officially closes the summer season. Anxiously awaited provokes more anticipation…. It is practically invoked by all the workers who just made it through the hard month of August, the hottest period and the busiest. Luckily Bonassola still appeals to tourist.

  • 1980

    The Cinque Terre Park

    These are the years where our neighbors the Cinque Terre realized what a beautiful place they live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and began to advertize everywhere. After some time the fruits of their labor paid off ,and maybe too much. Are you interested in Liguria? Here with us you will find the real Liguria.

  • 2007

    New Management

    Our Family took over this old business and completely renovated and decorated it to offer our clients relaxation, breakfast, aperitifs, optimal beer and wine of the region. And all of this accompanied by the best in Rock music. Don't forget about our home-style restaurant and it's home-style Ligurian cooking.